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How to Generate and Fax a Document Request

ODIE allows a user to generate pre-populated documents to the referring physician which are needed to perform the test.  These include for both Overnight Oximetry Test and HST’s.

  • Assignment of Benefits (AOB) – this is a required legal document that must be signed by the patient before testing can be completed.   The document gives consent for Vitalistics to conduct the test.  If the patient signs the document at the same time they receive the device, ODIE will not allow the data from the oximeter to be downloaded until the AOB is attached to the test and Vitalistics approves.
  • Physicians Written Order (PWO) – this is another name for a Physician Prescription. This is a required document that must be signed and dated (no stamped signatures allowed) before a test can be completed.

When these documents are generated in ODIE, the system will auto-populate the document fields with the patient and referring physician information.  In addition, the barcode will be added to the document, so once returned, it will automatically be attached to the patient test by ODIE.  To generate the document(s), you will:

  • Access the patient test details.
  • Click on “Generate Forms.”


  • Select the language and Form Type you wish to generate. You can select multiple forms.  Click “Ok.”
  • Once the form/document is generated, proof for errors and then click on the “Phone Icon.”


  • Select the fax number displayed if you wish to fax to this number, or enter the number in the fax number field provided. The Note section allows you to add any other additional information to the fax.  Click “Send.”
  • Always add a patient test note when you fax any requests to a referring physician.
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