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How to Select Your Test Type

Test Setup

test-type-sWhen setting up a patient’s test, you have the option of selecting a test type from the drop-down box. The test types available to you are dependent on your service type with Vitalistics. All users can select a Medicare Overnight Oximetry Test or Home Sleep Test. Users with a subscription to our Professional Service can also select a Non-Medicare Overnight Oximetry Test. For more information on which test type to select for your patient, please see the service level details below.

Basic Service – Free

Vitalistics will approve and generate the patient’s overnight pulse oximetry results with a valid physician’s prescription and consent form or the assignment of benefits (AOB). The Basic Service is used for Medicare and other insurance payers that require an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) to conduct the overnight oximetry test.  Remember, since Vitalistics is conducting the test and the DME is only the courier of the oximetry device, Vitalistics will be billing the patient insurance for the test.

Submit the order for a Medicare Overnight Oximetry Test for:

  • Medicare patients who need qualification for oxygen therapy
  • Medicare patients that are receiving therapy service from a DME and require testing for re-qualification

Submit the order for a Home Sleep Test for:

  • Any patient who is need of testing for suspected obstructive sleep apnea

Professional Service

Vitalistics will not conduct the patient’s overnight pulse oximetry test and therefore will not bill for the test. This version is used to access the ODIE workflow software and to perform oximetry testing downloads.

Perform a Non-Medicare Oximetry Test for:

  • Non-Medicare patients (HMO/PPO/commercial)
  • Routine therapy efficacy screening

How to Upgrade to Professional Service

Upgrading from our Free Basic Service to Professional Service is easy! When you select a Non-Medicare Overnight Oximetry Test for the first time, you will be prompted to upgrade if you haven’t already. Your account manager can purchase a license for individual locations. With a few simple clicks, you can select the location, enter your payment information in our secure payment portal, and return to scheduling your test. The Professional Service is only $99 per year/location.


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